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“Meeting Alain Colpron prevented me from sinking into despair during the worst time of my life, and offered me true healing. Thanks to his presence, his non-judgmental, receptive spirit and his clear and illuminating questions, he has led me to become aware of thoughts that limited me and were causing me to suffer. He has allowed me to come face-to-face with my freedom, with a love that flows from within and a joy of being alive. Each meeting with him is a pleasant journey towards the self, a peaceful and comforting adventure.”

Normand G.

“I started meeting with Mr Colpron in November 2008.
He is someone with whom you quickly connect and feel safe.
He exudes compassion, acceptance, understanding, reassurance, and has tremendous insight.
He never takes a stand or position in regards to what you are living or feeling or experiencing, but instead helps you take your own stand in your life’s path and situations.
It never ceased to amaze me how he always asked the right questions, the type that would get to the core of you and make you think.
He helps and guides you through your own awareness and acceptance.
I have often recommended him to my closest friends and family. I truly feel that whenever I need a little boost or clearer vision of things, I can simply schedule a meeting with him!”

C. L.

“What I appreciated in you Alain, from our first contact, was your openness to whatever presented itself in any given moment. Nothing I said, no matter how confusedly I expressed it, was rejected, judged or interpreted. With you, I can talk about my own humanity as much as about Reality. Nothing is refuted. Everything is accepted. Everything is pertinent. Everything is understood and reflected back ably. I also appreciate that from you come no answers, but rather guidance towards clarification of my own thought, if that is what I want. Thank you Alain for these beautiful meetings, full of life, simple, illuminating and warm. The simple fact of knowing there is an ear like yours, added to your capacity for seeing, reassures and comforts me. Thank you for being there!”


“In a welcoming, listening atmosphere of trust, I was able over a number of meetings to understand and modify my behaviour so as to finally attain a better quality of life. Following this, reading the book "L’Être inconditionnel" gave me continuity on the path further within. Thank you Alain for your precious assistance.”

Marie B.
Les Laurentides

“I lived in a permanent state of profound sadness, and had thoughts of suicide. Since the age of eleven I have tried to take my own life three times. Thirty years later, Alain Colpron has taught me a new way to see life, and a new way of seeing myself. For the last two years I have had no more thoughts of taking my own life. I am effective in my work, I am happy in everything I do. Above all, I have learned to be vigilant and control my worst adversaries, that is, my painful thoughts, my dark ideas; and beliefs that made me suffer. I thus learned that we can be either our worst enemy or our best friend.”


“Your good listening lets the light come into my life.”

Marc V.


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