My approach


Help and support in the form of discussions, dialogues, advice and suggestions
Teaching of practical life philosophy and guiding principles
Self-knowledge approach: the direct path to the essential

The individual consultations to which you are invited are spaces wherein one can broach any and all questions or subjects which present themselves, such as:
- lack of self-esteem and self-confidence
- life’s sorrows, loneliness
- feeling too different from others
- anxiety or anguish, inner suffering
- the feeling of emptiness or the lack of direction in life
- existential, spiritual and philosophical questions

These meetings offer a clear and conscientious look at life:
- an exploration of love and inner peace
- the search for freedom
- reflection on thoughts and beliefs
- consciousness and Self-knowledge
- the personal and spiritual path
- knowledge and life’s insights

A simple and focused questioning, dialogue and teaching of certain guiding principles give access to the source of that which we seek. This approach is practiced in non-judgement and with respect.

This approach leads us to an understanding of the life we have lived and continue to live. It sets in relief the meaning that we give to our experiences and to events, and the meaning that we give to Life. It allows us to know ourselves and to choose what we want to create and to do with our life.

It is by finding the source of our difficulties, our sufferings or our obstacles that we may gain access to happiness, to inner peace or to the freedom that we seek. By eliminating these blocks, we can heal, we can realize our goals and objectives and live in accordance with who we really are.

Meetings are in person or by Skype.

Sessions last one hour. The fee can be adapted to your financial situation or your income. Feel free to discuss this with me before our first meeting.
You can cancel or postpone a session without charges with a 24 hour notice. Appointments cancelled or postponed with less than 24 hours notice will be charged a fee.

You will find practical information on the Contact page.

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