My approach


Professional History

Twenty years of research, study, training and practice have led me to the work that I am presently doing. My areas of research have included eastern and western philosophies, humanistic psychology, as well as spiritual approaches. Over a long period I have meditated, observed and written in order to deepen my understanding of the functioning of the human being and of how life works in a more general sense. I have participated in many meetings-of-minds with other therapists, trainers and spiritual teachers. I have long and extended experience helping individuals on a one-on-one basis, and I have also done much group-work.

It is the non-dualist spiritual philosophies (advaita and monism) which have influenced me most as well as those closest in similarity to my own path. Within these philosophies of life, the attention is put on the present and on the reality which surrounds us, rather than the ceaseless stream of thoughts which with we seem sometimes to be engulfed. This attitude is what leads to a calming of the mind and spirit. It leads also to a certain detachment in the face of the worries and fears that so often preoccupy our thoughts. Observation and direct knowledge of the things of this world are primary methods leading to understanding. Unconditional liberation and realization of who we really are represent the ultimate goals. Non-dualist philosophies are intense and direct approaches, often containing no religious rituals, beliefs, specific types of worship, or special religious practices, but which do not rule these things out.

All of these approaches have allowed me to better, and more deeply, understand the observations and findings I had made at the beginning of my journey. At that time, my work focused intensely on thoughts, beliefs and the presence or absence of love in the lives of human beings. I observed how these elements, above all, condition and determine the ways in which we see our lives, and the ways in which we live them.