My approach



The Unconditional Being

Freedom and Consciousness

The book was published in French in 2008. A second book (fiction) will be published in 2011. Hopefully, I will have an English translation soon. I will keep informing you about this process on this page.


The book begins with an introductory text containing the concise story of the creation of the world and of the Being’s experiences in this world. The texts that follow this introduction are the leading explanations to understand this story.

In the second part, basic principles and further knowledge about the world and about all beings are described and deepened.

Principal topics covered in the book

Creation, the Great Play of Life
The world, the body, identity, ego, the suffering, joy.
Forgetfulness, illusion, the veil.
Good and evil, light and darkness, beliefs.
Enlightenment, liberation, realization, transformation.
Communities, hierarchies, the different forms of power.
The mind, love, freedom.
The true creator, self-knowledge and knowledge the world.
All the world's sufferings.


If you wish to be informed of the release of the English version through an email, you can leave your contact information simply by replying to the following link... info@alaincolpron.com